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Article summary: This article provide info about Short Haircut Styles Formula that that you can apply if you're feeling bored with the other hair styles.

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Posted on 11th February 2011 , advertisement below:

Hair is the crown … the term that is always held by women. Therefore, sometimes women do not confidence with short haircut because they feel does not match with their face shape. But did you know that with the right cut and style, short haircut can actually correct the shape of your face. Here we will present a Short Haircut Styles formula.

Short Haircut Short Haircut Styles FormulaBut before we present a short haircuts formula, we should know in advance which is a short haircut styles. Styles of short haircut are the hair of the limit on the shoulders until super-short or better known as the spiky. So if you feel bored with long hair style, you can cut your hair and try a new sensation with styles of short haircut. But before you decide to do so, you should know the right formula of short haircut.

For those of you that have a plan to apply short haircut styles with a round face shape, heart-shaped, or square, we recommend you choose short hairstyles trends limited to the base of the neck above the shoulder with the front hair style asymmetrical. You can try a new style with a hair cut back higher than the front. Other styles that you can try are to add accent shaggy on the cheek.

For those of you who have a shape elongated face, you can apply to the extent cheek style short hair, with bangs hair forward to form flat or can be split with the front hair to the side. For those of you who have proportional face shape, you can freely choose different styles of short hair in accordance with your liking. This is a benefit for those who have this face shape. Well… are you ready to apply this short haircut styles formula?

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